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From in-person interpretation to audio transcription, Maya Bridge is designed to connect the ancient to the modern through seamless interpretation services.

Call us today to get connected with an interpreter!

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In-person  Interpretation

We provide ad hoc and long-term in person interpretation services. To inquire about in-person services please contact us for rates and availability.

Remote Video Interpretation

Video interpretation provides an extra bit of connection that is preferred in certain situations.


Over-the-phone Interpretation

Telephonic interpretation for any scenario or location.


Typically, speakers of Mayan languages are not able to read their own languages, particularly those who would need interpretation services because they don't speak Spanish. Due to this, we don't recommend translation services, but rather encourage the use of audio transcription to provide the best experience where possible. However, we understand this is not always possible. We are able to provide translation for all of the languages we service 

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